Tobacco inndustry in pakistan

Size and number of sellers: He said that the manufacturers should be allowed to increase the prices of their products to better their revenues which are constantly threatened by massive smuggling.

Debt equity ratio The industry has to pay very high excise and sales tax while complying with various strict rules and regulations of the government. For instance, slashing the prices on some of its brand by 50 per cent from Rs 19 to Rs 9 reduced the excise duty from 63 per cent to 43 per cent with sales tax remaining unchanged at 15 per cent.

Price war Defending the price war started by PTC by slashing the prices of a number of its middle-priced brands early this year, Aslam said that it brought numerous domestic manufacturers in the excise duty and sales tax net. According to Pakistan Pediatric Association, 1, to 1, children between the ages of 6 and 16 years take up smoking every day.

Tobacco industry — growing, manufacturing, distribution and retailing employs over one million persons directly or otherwise. It is the single biggest contributor of excise duty, six-times than that from cotton yarn.

Smokers in Pakistan pay the highest tax in the world second only to Denmark and the UK where 85 per cent and 82 per cent of the retail price respectively goes toward taxation.

This translates in the full time equivalent ofjobs supporting approximately 1. Other Current Assets This is very costly especially in terms of advertising. In a statement released to the press on Saturday, the company announced that it will be reducing the operations in its smallest factory, located in Mandra, near Rawalpindi.

Fixed assets net of accumulated depreciation InPakistan witnessed the worst floods sincewith one-fifth of the country affected, including the fertile tobacco-producing lands such as the Khyber Pakhtoon Khoah province.

Tobacco cultivation grounds take up only about 0.

Tobacco in Pakistan

According to legal requirements, the tobacco manufacturing and exporting companies are required to inform their tobacco requirements by the 21st of October to the Pakistan Tobacco Board. Net profit before tax Net liquid assets Therefore, we conclude that this sector will continue to flourish, regardless of the increasing concerns over the diseases caused by tobacco products.

PTC is currently engaged in various programs such as a-forestation, Mobile doctors program, Youth smoking prevention, learning resource centers. Legislations like advertising bands and taxation increased the demand of smuggled brands and despite strict checks allowed room for illicit trade. Such developing countries, not to mention the developed ones, as Nepal and Peru spend a share of cigarette taxes to support cancer research and treatment.

The production has increased even more significantly during the same period — by per cent from 75, tonnes totonnes. In Pakistan the industry consists of: Legislation versus illicit trade Tobacco has been a major source of revenue through tax generation, employment, and foreign exchange for Pakistan.

Tobacco industry — growing, manufacturing, distribution and retailing — contributed per cent or over Rs billion to the total GDP of Pakistan including Rs billion, including Rs billion in excise duty and sales tax, in It is the single biggest contributor of excise duty.

Tobacco industry: Philip Morris feeling the squeeze in Pakistan the publisher of The Express Tribune) until In that year, the global company bought out. Smoking may not be good for health but it is certainly good for numerous national economies around the world, and Pakistan is no exception.

This article intends to highlight the important role tobacco plays in the economics of the country, nothing more nothing less. Tobacco industry — growing, manufacturing, distribution and retailing —. In the year plantation of Virginia tobacco started in the country and slowly reached its peak of production by producing 80 million pound crop of Virginia tobacco and Pakistan became the fifth largest producer of all types of tobacco in the world with the total production of million pounds in Tobacco industry activities in Pakistan, – 6 Methodology The research methodology employed in this analysis is an iterative examination of.

Tobacco industry in Pakistan

Pakistan Tobacco Company Limited was incorporated in immediately after independence, when it took over the business of the Imperial Tobacco Company of British India which had been operational in the South Asia since Headquarters: Islamabad, Pakistan.

Tobacco inndustry in pakistan
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