Disadvantages of indian villages

However, cities have many benefits over villages. Seen as being far from the bustle of modern life, it is represented as quiet and harmonious, if a little inward-looking. In Wales, where the equivalent of an English civil parish is called a Communitythe body that administers it is called a Community Council.

Express your positive attitude towards providing the solution. Railway transport is unsuitable for carrying goods at shorter distances; road transport is most suitable in this case.

Indian villages - our strength or our weakness?

Many well-qualified private doctors are also there to serve the sick and the suffering. Unsuitable for Short Distances: What they lack in my opinion is the interconnectivity that will not only make it prosperous but also make this country a place where the bonds of social diversity will be woven into one fabric that will make this country the most pretty place on the world.

However, some civil parishes have no functioning parish, town, or city council nor a functioning parish meeting. The village has not lot of vehicles. The environment is polluted with dust, smoke, garbage and dioxide gases from factories. So it is hard to lead a healthy life in the city.

Villagers are superstitious to some extent. A village is distinguished from a town in that: Neither of them is above one another, but definitely has their own advantages and disadvantages.

They are religious and pious.

Essay On The Life In An Indian Village

So they can reach a good position. Everything is calm and quiet. Because goods in bulk quantities are carried chances of goods getting lost are high in case of railway transport as compared to air and road transport.

They observe village festivals and enjoy the open-pendal dramas. Though the lifestyle is not as advanced as what you see in the cities, the culture and attitude of people are more warm and welcoming.

They help each other in hours of need. Shekar Moily Most people think this post is Useful. The people who live in the village have fewer chances of diseases they live in the fresh environment the air they inhale is pure, they get fresh vegetables and fruits which we rarely get in cities.

So for developed and strength India, villages must be developed and good taken care of because villages are the real strength of India. Farmers produce agriculture products in village land which is the backbone of Indian economy.

So they can reach a good position. The streets are dusty and unclean. They are more friendly and more onto the traditional kind of practices and believes and are not gadget or tech savvy people.

Everything is calm and quiet. The natural beauty and the greenery are a feast for the eyes. They enjoy pure air. Cities have many disadvantages also. Even doctors suggest many a patient to spend some tine in countryside to heal themselves. Cities have multiple forms of education such as colleges and universities.

However, to understand the moral values and culture of a state or a place, you definitely need to spent some part of your life in a village and also to enjoy and understand the beauty of nature in all its true colors and aspects. Some pit villages grew to become towns ; for example, Maltby in South Yorkshire grew from people in the 19th century [22] to over 17, in And bring an economic backdrop to the country.

A village road has paddy fields, vegetable fields and corn fields on either side. Children growing up in villages do not have as much access to education as children in cities. People are not aware of any thing about their health, hygiene, happenings outside the village etc. They can get fresh vegetables and fresh fruits.

The village has not only good points, but also it has bad points. Village Life: Advantages and Disadvantages of Village Life Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On January 4, By Kiran It is said that God made the village and human-being made the town.

Nov 10,  · Disadvantages of village life: Insuffcient medical and education facilities, few oppertunities to make money, little entertainment, no or little Status: Resolved. Rural youth: old prejudices or real disadvantages? Cost of women bathing in the open There is a need to provide secluded bathing spaces to women in India’s villages, who pay a high cost in terms of health and personal hygiene as they are compelled to bathe hurriedly in the open.

Aug 16,  · Disadvantage of village Disadvantages of village life are as follows, village is not devolved area here we can’t get easily many facilities like transportation facilities, higher education facility, irrigation facility, electricity facility, health facility, communication facilities etc.

India is a developing country. The villages outnumber the towns and cities in India. Sixty-five percent of the Indian population lives in villages. Almost all villagers are dependent on auricular. Since independence, the villages in India re developing.

A village is free from the hustle and bustle. The size of these villages varies considerably.Indian villages have a population of fewer thanwhile 3, villages have a population of 10,+.

Most of the villages have their own temple, mosque, or church, depending on the local religious following.

Merits and Demerits of the Village Life and City Life


Disadvantages of indian villages
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Indian villages - our strength or our weakness? - Group Discussion